As a volunteer in ESN Copenhagen, you can contribute in one or more of the following areas:


Communication and Marketing

In the Communication committee we focus on PR and sponsors for our section. The committee is also in charge of designing and ordering amazing gadgets for ESN Copenhagen. If you want more experience in marketing, and want to help our section become even better, this is the committee for you!


Social Life and Nightlife Events

Here we organize social meetups, social activities, and amazing parties, beer pong tournaments, board game nights and so on.


Cultural Events

Do you know all the beautiful corners of Copenhagen that no tourist knows about but only locals? What does it mean to go to a Danish birthday party? What is Danish art and are there huge buildings made of out Lego in Denmark? Well, we are the committee that will answer all these questions and show you the entire Copenhagen and most of Denmark. This committee is also in charge of our Danish trip and the Legoland trip.


Charity Activities and Social Inclusion

Here we focus on helping disadvantaged communities in Copenhagen, such as refugees, the homeless, children of financially disadvantaged backgrounds etc.

In addition to that, we try to make ESN more inclusive towards persons with disability.  


Education and Education-related Events

The aim here is to improve educational policies for international and exchange students in Copenhagen and Denmark, as well as increasing the participation of international and exchange students in the policy-making.


Human Resources and Strategy

In this team, we focus on creating a better environment for our fellow volunteers and helping them grow and shine while volunteering with ESN Copenhagen.

We also help the organization with defining and adjusting its strategy.



Here you will be working on establishing partnerships with other NGOs as well as commercial partners, to better help our fellow international and exchange students.


Buddy Program

We are planning on creating a Buddy Program in Copenhagen, where you could make friends with students from other universities, as well as interns and recent graduates.

Our aim is to help other fellow students, interns, and recent graduates have a better and more joyful social life in Copenhagen.


Web Administration and Development

If you are interested in practicing your web development and administration skills, this will be the right place for you. Here you will be helping improve our website, and maintain our email system (G Suite). 


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on or via our Facebook page.