A Cantus is a traditional Dutch and Belgian event. It is like a massive party, but has a lot more celebrating and singing (somewhat familiar to Oktoberfest / Sitsit / Sittning) - and a variety of traditions and rules that will be explained. At a cantus, we alternate between collectively singing sing-a-long songs (Hey Jude, Sweet Caroline, ...) of which a codex (songbook) will be provided, followed by drinking an ice cold beer – and then back to the singing again. A very simple concept, and a guarantee for an amazing night!

Register here: https://esn-cph.nemtilmeld.dk/163/

For a taste of what you can expect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sbxoS-stvU

The theme is international! Show us where you are from or where do you feel like you belong to! Wear a traditional outfit, flags, favorite sports tricot or paint your face! The more creative the better!

Date - 29. november 2019

Time: Doors opening at 7.30pm start at 8pm (please respect the strict time schedule)

Location: DTU (room will be announced)

Price with ESNcard: 60 DKK

Price without ESNcard: 85 DKK

The price includes beer for the whole event!

For the people coming from Copenhagen, we will offer a meeting point where we meet and go together to the event in case you don't want to go there alone.

There is a limited number of spots - so first come is first served!

29/11/2019 - 20:00
  • Everyone is invited.