The biannual ESN Social Inclusion weeks are starting in a week! ESN CPH and DTU has chosen to kick of Social Inclusion with an international Flashmob.
- Who will take part of this flashmob?
Several ESN sections from different countries around Europe.
- Why do this flashmob?
To raise awareness about Human Rights and Social Inclusion.
- Who can be part of this?
Everybody, we have made easy dance moves. If you cant follow, don't worry you can just copy one of our amazing dancers during the event.
- Which song?
The Greatest by Sia since it gives a very strong message!
- What are the dance moves?
You can look at the video made by two amazing people, Claudia and Milad, here:

After the flashmob we'll all walk to a Christmas market which is only 2 mins walk away and just have a look around while drinking hot beverages.

There are no excuses not to attend this event, are you ready to change the world with us and also enjoy the danish culture afterwards? We sure are!!!

Facebook event:

26/11/2017 - 15:30 to 18:00
Storkespringvandet, Amagertorv
1160 Copenhagen
  • Everyone is invited.