This semester ESN CPH and ESN DTU will have FunTandem every second Thursday at Improv Comedy Copenhagen Theatre and Cafe.
Every time there will be different topics and/or games. However, you can also just come and chill by not doing anything other than talking with us or all the other awesome students.

ICC Theatre has shows every week from Wednesday to Saturday starting at 20:00. This means when YOU can also see their shows after FunTandem has ended with us*.

You have to buy the ticket online and with the ESN card you get a 10 % discount with this code: ESNStudent10. Remember to show a valid ESN card when entering the show or else you'll be asked to pay the difference.
Buy a ticket to a show here. 

WAIT this is not even the last thing, with the ESN card you can ALSO get 20 % discounts on hot drinks at the cafe, so ladies and gentlemen there are NO excuses! See you at FunTandem ;) 

*ESN CPH and ESN DTU only attend the shows after FunTandem.

YOU DONT HAVE YOUR ESNCARD YET?? Do not worry!! You could pick up yours at this event!! :D

Buy your ESNcard here and enjoy awesome discounts all over Europe:

WE WON'T SELL ANY CARDS AT THE SPOT. You will only be able to get an ESNcard if you have already purchased it online.

***To pick up your card***

Please, remember to bring:
- Photo of yourself in ID size 
- ID
- Student card (or proof that you are a student)

You want some extra information? Feel free to check our website here.

08/02/2018 - 17:30
  • An ESNcard of this section required.
  • Everyone is invited.