Do you want get to know Danish grandmas and grandpas? Do you want to get a unique taste of the Danish culture? Do you want to experience the Danish "hygge" with those who have led a long life "hygge-ing"?

And most importantly: Do you want to contribute to the good cause of sharing some warmth and sweet moments with the grandmas and grandpas?

We are visiting the elderly care centre Kærbo to spend some time with the senior citizens living there. We will have some casual chat, enjoy some cake and coffee, and will play some games.

PS: If know any song from your country that you'd like to sing there, feel free to go ahead. It'll be fun

Participation fee: free!
Spots are limited: please sign up here:

In case you do not want to participate anymore please contact us as soon as possible to make the spot available for someone else:

24/11/2019 - 14:00
  • Everyone is invited.