Guided Tour introducing you to Copenhagen.
Topics discussed on the tour can vary, but usually include: history, city fires, must sees/recommendations in Copenhagen, design, making fun of politicians, language, the royals, etc.

Location highlights include:
- City Hall
- Christiansborg palace
- The old City Center
- Copenhagen Cathedral
- Copenhagen Old University
- The Round Tower

Starting time: 1 pm
(be on time, it's a moving walking tour, come a bit earlier if you have a habit of arriving too late :P)
Starting point: City Hall Square (RĂ„dhuspladsen) in front of the City Hall

Ending time: 3-4 pm
Ending point: Student House by the Round Tower. Those who want can stay after the tour to mingle :-D

Tip: eat before, maybe bring snack along.

Price: 0 DKK and a valid ESN card

Don't have an ESN card yet ->

(You can show your card order confirmation e-mail at the start of the tour if you do not have the physical card yet)

17/09/2017 - 13:00