Please read them carefully before booking an event.




It is mandatory to be a Copenhagen (or Denmark) ESNcard holder if you book the ticket "with ESNcard" on Nemtilmed. 


- Cancellation

You can at the latest cancel your ticket 24 hours before the start of an event, to receive a full refund. Cancellation later than 24 hours before the start of the event does not allow for refunds. Should you need to cancel, please let us know before the deadline.


- Transferring your ticket

If you cannot cancel your ticket due to the passed deadline, it is possible to transfer your ticket to a willing participant. To do so, you must contact your organizer directly and let them know of the transfer. OBS! If you have purchased a ticket with ESNcard discount, you CANNOT transfer your ticket to someone who does not hold an ESNcard. The ESNcard is a membership and, therefore, the transfer can only apply to someone holding that same membership. For the same reasons, a person with ESNcard CANNOT buy tickets for another one that doesn't have an ESNcard. 


- Late arrivals and no-show

At any event, we have a 15 minutes waiting policy. If you do not show up within 15 minutes of the start of the event, you are considered to have not shown up and will forfeit your spot. However, if you are aware that you will be late due to various circumstances before or at the latest within the 15 minutes after the beginning of the event, please let us know as soon as possible, to maintain your spot. Should you arrive unreasonably late, with no notice given, we maintain the right to deny you entry.


- Photos and videos

Photos and videos will be taken during the event and will be posted on ESN Copenhagen social media. By purchasing a ticket, you give consent to your picture being taken with the intent of the subsequent publication. Should you not agree to this condition, please let ESN know before the event. Consent can always be withdrawn and any publication of you will be taken down. If you wish to do so, please email or